Miles Wilder is an artist and musician from an alternate timeline of Earth.

Or this one. Probably.
They're not quite sure.

Wilder began their travels intending to find trade routes between the different timelines they frequent.
They've since given that up and now present the absurdity of our reality set against strangely familiar melodies.

These are songs that are uniquely American and uniquely of no-place and every place, all at once.
As a trans-dimensional bard, Miles has sung for coin and chopped wood for hot soup, sailed across two different English Channels, and once almost flew in a hot air balloon, but it was too windy that day and the guy said there would be no rain-checks.

Wherever they go, Miles brings songs of truth to reassure us that what we think we know won't help, what we're worried about doesn't matter, and what we don't know might be the most useful bit yet.
They may once have seen a color never seen before. Now they are on a futile quest to describe that color to anyone who will listen in the hope that it is the missing piece in some grand cosmic puzzle.



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