Hello! I’m Miles Wilder.

I am a multi-instrumentalist performer and composer.

I am a steward of sounds cultivating a sonorous garden.

All are welcome.

Come in, sit down, stay a while.

I am a composer of music for Modern and Contact Dance as well as circus, a singer-songwriter and live performer.

(If you are interested working with me check out the Commissions page!)

I released my new E.P. “Music For Trying Times” in the Summer of 2020. You can listen to it on your preferred streaming service by pressing the button below.

 I wrote the songs on this E.P. after my apartment was destroyed by a flood and I was displaced for several months.

It’s about loss, but it’s also intended as a reminder that there are ways through grief. There are ways to be with grief. It is made for the grieving.

Grab a cup of tea and sit with me a while.

More recently, I’ve been working as a live improvisational accompanist for weekly online contact dance classes led by Nita Little since March of 2020. I’m also playing for other online jams being hosted all around the world and am regularly releasing some of my favorite improvisations on my Soundcloud page. You can check out on of my recent uploads from Nossa Jam, which is hosted in Brazil: