Miles Wilder composes music for film, dance, theater, and circus. Their work has been featured on stages in New York, Boston, Denver, and more. Their commissioned work has breathed life into projects destined for stage, scree, podcast. Using a mix of organic and digital instruments in the studio, Wilder is able to compose, produce, and deliver bespoke music and sound scores anywhere in the world.

 In addition to their studio work, Wilder also takes the stage as a live performer, both as a one-person pit orchestra and as their own solo act. Their wide-ranging live performances include multidisciplinary collaborations, most often finding them on stage with dancers, acrobats, and aerialists. Notable recent performances include acting as artistic director (as well as composer/musician) for a multidisciplinary show at 5th Wall studio in Brooklyn, performing live on stage with Circus 617 at Boston College, and live-composing an entirely improvised score for a full-length dance show at the Philadelphia Fringe Festival at Temple University.

Their 2018/2019 Wilder Winter Tour saw Miles performing their solo musical/spoken-word/songwriter show “Origins” at Pianos in Manhattan, a guerrilla show in Boston, and as a featured artist at Dartmouth College.

Wilder’s live music relies on their unique multi-instrumental analog live-looping setup dubbed “The Rig.” The Rig was first developed by Wilder in 2016 and consists of a guitar, bass, keyboard, and microphone that all run through a series of effects pedals, a mixer, and a looper pedal contained within a pair of vintage suitcases retrofitted by Wilder to hold their custom pedal boards. After moving to the Boston area in January of 2020, Wilder spent their time in lockdown working closely with renowned teacher Nita Little on her weekly online contact improv dance class Relational Intelligence. As a multi instrumental accompanist for this ongoing improvisational class for the last three years, Wilder has been able to explore, develop, and hone their improvisational technique utilizing The Rig. 


Currently they are working as a freelance composer, accompanying dance/yoga classes online and in the Boston area, developing several multidisciplinary stage works that will premiere in 2023/24, writing/recording/mixing/mastering solo work to be released throughout 2023, as well as preparing live solo sets to be booked throughout the Northeast.