2020 EP Release w/ Album Art

“Music For Trying Times”

August 17th 2020
A note from the composer:

I am so very lucky and honored to have been able to work with some amazing people on this EP.

This EP ended up being a musical collaboration between myself and Alex Scott of Hyphonic Studios in Colorado. Alex brought so much of his own personal magic to this project and really made it special. He even busted out the upright bass for “Acceptance.” We hope to someday produce a full-length album in this same style.

I am so grateful to John Hackman for providing the artwork for this EP. He really took so much care creating the visuals for this work. I could not have asked for better album art. I am blown away. The feeling of the world these songs inhabit for me is captured so well in these paintings. They are also a beautiful way to display the lyrics for these songs. 

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