My name is Miles Wilder.

I’m a musician and artist.

This is my Bio.

I think it’s awkward that bios are written in the third person. We all know who’s writing bios, right?

I’m writing this one.

It’s about me.


I grew up in the American West on the Great Plains of Colorado on unceded Southern Ute and Arapahoe land in an old farmhouse. I was isolated, but also grew up with a lot of access to recorded music from around the world. My parents were music teachers and I was taught music alongside learning to walk and speak. The vastness of the plains lives in all of my work. I am currently based in Boston and the vastness of the sea feels like a cousin I’m only just meeting.

I am a sculptor of sounds. Sometimes those sounds are played live via a multi-instrumental live-looping rig I designed and constructed myself. Other times it’s commissioned work for modern dance, circus, or film. My system of creating music and the tools I use are built out of the need to be flexible and portable. I’ve built something that allows me to feel like each instrument is a natural extension of myself and that can go on tour or function as a home studio for recording or live-streaming.

My musical sense is multi-layered, meditative, polyrhythmic, and I like to incorporate found-sounds or sounds from the environment. I’m classically trained, so my early lessons were about being exact and precise in music. When I first started as a songwriter and composer after college, I brought that same practice into my work. Over the years, however, I have been drawn more towards the organic process of improvisation. My current work exists as a lush landscape in between exacting precision and raucous abandon. In that middle place I am cultivating a sonorous garden and all are welcome.