Commissions for single pieces, soundtracks, or show-length scores typically begin with an exploratory phone call, during which we’ll go over the scope of the work and begin touching on what the vision for project is. Once we decide that we’re a good fit and you decide to move forward, the real fun begins!

I want to know what inspires you about your work, what the personality of the piece is, and what you’re hoping to bring to the fore. I believe music is a key ingredient in any dance/circus act, theatrical performance, or film/video, and I want to make sure I get the music right. The right music can transform something that feels solid but not quite fully alive, into a magical immersive experience for audiences and performers alike. I like communication and I’m not worried whether you have the “correct” words for what you’re looking for. Some of my favorite projects have started with absolutely absurd prompts, like “I need the music to feel like I’m at the beach, but I don’t want it to sound like water and I need it to feel like it’s inside a closet.” I have a knack for deciphering exactly what that means and providing something that’s beyond what you expected to hear.

Once I feel like I have an understanding of what you’re looking for, I like to get a sense of what your musical sensibilities are. What sounds do you tend to gravitate towards, what sounds do you avoid, what’s the music that gets you feeling like yourself, and what’s the music you listen to when you’re thinking about how you want your commission to sound? All of this goes into the next phase of the process.

Using the individual musical sensibility profile I create for you, I’ll begin playing with sounds. I’ll begin sculpting the instruments we’re going to use for your piece, making sure we have just the right tone for the piano, or the guitar, or making sure that one synth is the *right* amount of gritty… During this process I often begin to form melodies and chord progressions inspired by our conversation as well as from the interplay of the sounds themselves.

Eventually I’ll send these initial sounds to you for approval, and if you like where we’re headed tonally then we begin working on the song/s directly. This is where I begin to arrange the sounds/melodies/progressions created in the previous steps into something that is an actual song, a real piece of music. It usually takes a few rounds of notes and revisions to get it just right, but that process is most often very joyful, as by now we’re fully into the spirit of the work. During this phase you’ll start to see all the different puzzle pieces we’ve been gathering falling into place to create the perfect accompaniment to your vision.

Once we’ve landed at something that feels like it fulfills the need of the work and you give final approval, then I begin the final process of mixing the audio and preparing it for delivery. Then I send it off to you and it’s yours. You can use it anywhere on the internet, wherever you’d like. Perform it live at a festival. All the work I produce includes the rights to perform and reproduce the work.

As an example, my commissions often include:

⁃ Up to 3 exploratory/prep calls
Up to 15 minutes of completely original and custom music
⁃ Access to complete sound library: live AND studio/digital
  sounds, plus custom sound samples
⁃ Includes up to 3 revisions
⁃ Mastered & delivered in mp3 or wav format (your choice)
⁃ 12 months exclusive use      

If you have a project you’re working on and you’d like to see if we’re a good fit collaboratively, click the button below and schedule a call with me! You can also email me, using the contact form on this website.