I’m a collaborator at heart. I love working with other people to bring big ideas to life. Custom music and sound design brings such a depth and richness to any project. Especially now, when so much of our communication is via audio/visual media, it’s important to feel like the audio you’re using for your project matches your message. I won’t be the right composer for every project, but we’ll never know unless you pitch me an idea.

So, the real question is: what do you want to create?

Are you creating a dance or theater piece on stage?

Do you want live music or something pre-recorded?

Maybe you’re making a short film, or a dance film and need music and sound design, maybe even Foley?

Or maybe you’re looking to stand out online and want custom audio branding you can use for social media posts, podcasting, or video ads?

Either way, custom music and soundscaping will set you apart from the crowd online. It will also let you take more control over your creation so you can hear your vision come to life in all its glory.

I compose music for Aerial Dance, Circus, Modern Dance, Film, and more. From single-act commissions, to longer dance pieces, to evening-length circus shows, I will deliver the perfect sounds for your project, guaranteed.

All commissions include a free 30 minute call to discuss the work you’re interested in making together, to answer any questions you might have, as well as to make sure we’re a good fit. To schedule a call, send me an email.

I have three main packages to choose from and I’m always open to custom orders to help make your dream a sonic reality!

 Package 1: choose from the library 

Starts at $100

⁃ 3 months exclusive rights to use the audio for your project
⁃ Delivered in mp3 or wav format
⁃ Edited for length per your request

I have an ever-growing library* of music and soundscapes available on my SoundCloud page. For a nominal fee you will get 3 months of exclusive use of the piece, as well as a free edit for length delivered in .mp3 or .wav format (your choice).

*not all pieces are publicly available, if you would like access to the full library, please email me to request access.

 Package 2: bespoke custom improvisation

Starts at $250

⁃ Up to 15 minutes of completely original and custom music
⁃ Delivered in mp3 or wav format
⁃ 1 mastered track comes with 6 months exclusive use      

I will create an entirely unique piece of music for your project through a live session with you via Zoom.

In addition to the fit-check call, I will make available an hour to discuss your project in greater detail and get an idea of what it is you need. After that call I will come to your rehearsal (via Zoom or similar format) for up to 2hrs and improvise a minimum of 3 takes with your feedback. At the end of that process you will choose your preferred take.

The chosen take is then mastered and delivered in your preferred format within 1 week of the rehearsal (rush jobs available for a fee).

This process utilizes all the sounds I have available to me in my live sound library such as: guitar, piano, bass, vocals, whistles, simple percussion, found-sound instruments, spoken word, and anything else that can be recorded in real-time with the analog live-looping setup I have.

 For examples of what this work might sound like, please check out my library of published work here.

 Package 3: Full Commission

Starts at $1500

⁃ Up to 3 exploratory/prep calls

⁃ Access to complete sound library: live AND studio/digital sounds, plus custom-order sound samples.
⁃ Includes up to 3 revisions.

⁃ Up to 15 minutes of completely original and custom music
⁃ Delivered in mp3 or wav format
⁃ 1 mastered track comes with 12 months exclusive right      

Looking for something more specific? Want to include audio samples like real-world samples and foley? Looking for something more refined? This might be the option for you!



Looking for something else? Email me and let’s talk!